Since a couple of weeks, I had always hated running. I thought of it as a boring and tough "sport". You just need to keep your legs on going. That's all. Boring.

Nevertheless, after I realised that I was a little bit out of shape, I tried to make an effort and practice a little bit more of sport. The part that worries me the most was how to find an sport that I could daily practice and keep it constant.

With that thought in mind, I got to the gym to work out. It was monday, a very hardcore day, so I stayed there, looking at the treadmill. That day, I run 40 minutes and I got rid of 330 calories up on that machine. So I decided to keep on with my training and I did also toning exercises for 20 minutes.

That day, when I was going back home, I was feeling very comfortable, apart from really sweaty, seeing myself capable of enduring the training. That feeling was so strong and nice that pushed me to the gym on tuesday. And wendesday and thursday. 4 days in a row. Wooooooow! It was too much for me. But the best part is that this week I've started going running without even thinking. Today is wednesday and I've already run 80 minutes and made 40 min of toning training. Today, right afterwork, I'm going for my daily session. And what makes me feel really good is that as the days go by I felt less tired, more fit and resistent.

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