SEO Trends

Altough we are already facing the last part of the year, I want to write down some of the most effective SEO techniques that have been essential during this year. Actually, since Panda and Penguin algorithms were introduced in 2012, this techniques haven't changed that much.

- The firts and most important one: quality is best than quantity. Google algorithms would rather seek for quality content than for new content. As much effort you put on your work creating content for the website, the best score Google is going to give you.

- Design. just 3 words: Responsive Web Design. It is very important to adapt your site to every kind of gatchet a visitor can use. It's crucial to provide an optimal viewing experience.

- Google is going to eliminate fake linkbuilding pages. SEO specialists need to build high quality links. Again, the quality of the information and links matter most.

- Social Media Optimization (SMO): as Google introduced in 2012, our work in the social networks is really important. Not just because it is an efficient way of creating engagement with out customers, but also because making efforts in this direction will pay back in google's results.

Having all these tips clear, we can keep on working on our SEO techniques waiting for 2014 updates!

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