Leather meets Denim

I've been following (kind of) New York, London, Milano, Madrid Fashion Weeks through different online publications and blogs. Thanks to this, I have been able to spot some of the most importants fashion trends for 2014:
- prints, prints, prints: squares, dots, flowers...
- grunge is back
- mix of chic and grunge: very feminine dresses with smoky eyes
- oversize and masculine cut
- black and white stay for another year
- paisley also stays
- transparencies

One of the trends I absolutely love is the combination of leather with another type of tissue. My favorite one is leather mixed with denim. I find it up-to-date, comfortable and easy to combine with dresses, jeans, skirts...

Lady P with a combinated jacket (leather+denim). www.patatocracia.blogspot.com

I've saved 4 photos I found on Zara's web about other types of combination of leather + another kind of tissue. This is Zara's coat line for this winter:

leather + geometric cloth

leather + geometric cloth

leather + cloth

leather + padding

On the other hand, and having nothing to do with the post I've written as far, I want to show you a pair of boots I've fallen in love with:


Aren't they absolutely amazing?!?!

2 comentarios:

Lady P dijo...

I'm totally in love with leather. It doesn't matter if it's mixed with another fabric or just in a lovely biker jacket. I love it and I thank god punk is back .

Thanks for the mention :D

Sus dijo...

Be my guest! :)

So we agree. Leather rocks and punk rocks too! (Punk rocks? :P)