Do's and Dont's from the Emmy Awards Ceremony

The new Emmy Awards ceremony took place a couple of days ago. In its red carpet everyone could see the most reputed actors and actresses parading on it with beautiful and not so beautiful suits and dresses. I have made two lists dividing the dresses I loved which the dresses I would never chosen if I would have been invited. In the middle, there are several dresses I neither like or dislike.

Let's start positive. These are the dresses I liked:

Rose Byrne in a Calvin Klaine dress. Straight lines. Really really nice.

Very beautiful, January.

Amazing dress and look! 10 points.

One of my favorites. 

Coloful and risky. I like it! Specially the kind of fabric it's made of.

A romantic one. Spectacular colour and shape.

Sensual lines. You need an amazing figure to wear that dress! But obviusly Shashi Wells does.

On the other hand, some of the star's choices were not my stile. There are the ones I didn't like:

Claire, what a horrible neckline!

I just don't like. It's boring.

I don't know if it's the colour... but it doesn't work for me either.

Really bad choice.

What is that black piece of leather???

No. Nononono.

Colour waterfalls? Ugly.

What do you think? What are your chosen ones?

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Lady P dijo...

I doubt about the look of Modern Family girl. I think it's a nice dress but not a good choice for a young girl (also the hairstyle and make up made her look 20 years older)

And, please, somebody should tell Claire Danes It was to much for her or she was too little for the dress.

Nice Post

Sus dijo...

You're right! She seems much older than she is, indeed. I think she should blame her hairdresser... or maybe it's the make-up (lips too dark?).

Thanks for visit and comment! :)

Maf Reino dijo...

What about a post with the guy's styles? There are lots of comments behind those tuxedos ;)

Anónimo dijo...

Sorree, i didn naw wee wore speekeen englard. I liek Cersai Lannofster druss, i wont two maek littol bay bees wit haer.

I aem Pedros Batallero wroting froem fur awae. XOXO

Lau dijo...
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Lau dijo...

I love the dress you said it's boring, but I'm really loving Julianna Margulies so I'm kind of a blind fan :)

And I agree with Lady P, Modern Family girl, how old you are 40?