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Lady P dijo...

I hope It is fannier than the author herself, because when I saw Mara at her TV show I found her boring to death.

Sus dijo...

Hi there, Lady P! :)

Funnily enough, I finished reading it yesterday afternoon. I liked it, it's easy to read and you can feel reflected in the leading character (Nata). I have to mention that it doesn't seem to be written by Mara Torres. If you ever decide to read it, I think you'll understand me. It's not the kind of vocabulary she usually uses, maybe because the book is written in first person, so it's Nata herself who narrate the story (mainly composed of feeling and thoughts).

Now I'm about to start an italian novel translated by a woman we know well ;) We'll see!

Thanks for your contribution!!

Lau dijo...

looking forward to hear about your next review!!

Lady P dijo...

I'm afraid I will never read it. I'm not interested in books written by people I don't like. I'm that intransigent

Lord Kaka dijo...

I'm afraid I am reading now a quantuum mechanics manual in antique portuguese, so I don't have time to distract myself on such things.

Anyway, smack my bitch up.